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Alumna Profile: Candi

Candi is so many things—a teacher, a mentor, an artist, a supervisor, and a mom. She is a brave, strong young woman dedicated to creating the best life for her and her son Angelo. Candi, a graduate of the ClassContinue Reading

Q2 Schedule & Safety Plan videos (English & Español)

Florence Crittenton Families Be sure to watch our video about the schedule and safety plan we will be implementing during Q2 at Florence Crittenton High School. This video will provide you with detailed information on how we will schedule classesContinue Reading

FloCrit Partners with Lyft to Help Get Moms to School

The Denver metro area continues to experience gentrification on an unprecedented scale, with low-income families being pushed further and further away into neighboring counties, where rent may be more affordable. FloCrit’s teen moms are no exception to this trend. TheContinue Reading

Transitions Advocate Supports Graduates

Florence Crittenton Services added the Transitions Advocate position to the Student and Family Support Program in 2018as a way to continue to support graduates once they leave the FloCrit Campus. Transitions Advocate Emi Pavia helps graduates navigate resources in theContinue Reading

Volunteer Profile: Angie Tonelli

Angie first learned about Florence Crittenton Services after doing a simple Google search for organizations that support women and families. A teen parent herself, she was especially drawn to the work FloCrit does, and wanted to get involved in anContinue Reading

FloCrit Rises to the Challenge of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic made for an unforgettable, even historic, school year at FloCrit, requiring innovation at every turn, and learning to be carried into the future. FloCrit’s dedicated program staff accepted the challenge of our teen moms and children beingContinue Reading

ECE Center Graduate Profile: Eliana

Eliana started attending the ECE Center when she was just 7 weeks old. Her mother, Victoria, is a FloCrit alum. This year, the ECE Center was excited to be able to offer in-person learning spots to children of alumna, andContinue Reading

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