Homebound & Maternity Leave

Our mission as the Homebound Liaison Team at Florence Crittenton High School is to create opportunities for those students who cannot attend classes to graduate with their peers. Our Homebound program is an integral part of our ability to provide quality education and support to our pregnant and parenting moms. 

While pregnant, students work with our Maternity and Homebound teacher Ms. Braxton to make sure they are progressing in their courses and for their leave. When a student gives birth, they begin a six week period of maternity leave. Ms. Braxton coordinates with content teachers to ensure students are able to continue their education while on leave. Teachers are also available to students on leave for support and general check-ins.

At the completion of the six week maternity leave, students return with support from Ms. Braxton. She helps them integrate back into the classroom setting and ensures they are set up for success!