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Parenting Classes

There are three parenting classes offered at Florence Crittenton H.S.


Understanding Parenting

This class prepares pregnant students to have a healthy pregnancy, birth and newborn baby.
We cover Teen Mom and daughter reading topics such as; male and female anatomy and reproduction, fertilization, fetal development, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, managing stress, caring for a newborn, and nutrition for you and your baby.  The school nurse and a nutritionist are among the guest teachers.  This is a fun class where students get to know other fellow pregnant students!




Teen Parenting 1 & 2

These classes are for students with children. Teen Parenting 1 focuses on the growth and development of children ages 0-2.  Teen Parenting 2 focuses on children ages 2-4.  The classes discuss a wide variety of parenting topics such as; first aid, illness, parenting styles, how to promote brain development, positive discipline techniques, and developmental areas.  Students get to go into the Early Childhood Education classrooms and participate in playgroups with their children as well.