ALL DPS Schools will Remain Closed to In-Person Classes for Remainder of School Year

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TODAS las escuelas de DPS permanecerán cerradas para las clases presenciales durante el resto del año escolar

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Florence Crittenton High School

Attendance Line 720-423-7901 *Main Line 720-423-7900 *Fax 720-423-7905 *ECE 720-423-8903

Our core values

At Florence Crittenton High School, we pride ourselves on our core values – COMMUNITY, POTENTIAL, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY. In order to create and maintain a positive and welcoming culture at our school, all students are to conduct themselves in accordance with the core values listed below.

COMMUNITY – Creating a safe learning environment

  • Be friendly and positive with all peers, staff members, and children
  • Support one another and work cooperatively
  • Use appropriate language at all times
  • Dispose of all trash and keep our campus beautiful

POTENTIAL – Becoming the best person you can be

  • Strive to reach your goals, stay focused, and encourage others to do the same
  • Ask questions and share your ideas
  • Know that it is ok to take risks and make mistakes in order to learn
  • Be willing to ask others for help if you need it
  • Eat healthy and take care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally

RESPECT – Treating others with support and encouragement

  • Be polite and show appreciation for those around you
  • Model a positive attitude
  • Demonstrate appropriate and safe behavior at all times
  • Arrive on time to all of your classes and activities
  • Have respectful conversations with others, honoring their opinions

RESPONSIBILITY – Making positive choices and owning your actions

  • Be honest and truthful
  • Be accountable and responsible for your own decisions
  • Show initiative and leadership
  • Follow all school rules/policies