ALL DPS Schools will Remain Closed to In-Person Classes for Remainder of School Year

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TODAS las escuelas de DPS permanecerán cerradas para las clases presenciales durante el resto del año escolar

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Florence Crittenton High School

Attendance Line 720-423-7901 *Main Line 720-423-7900 *Fax 720-423-7905 *ECE 720-423-8903

Homebound & Maternity Leave

Florence Crittenton students take 6 weeks of maternity leave after they deliver, which gives them the opportunity to rest, recover, and spend valuable time with their new babies! While on maternity leave, students receive ample support from members of our Homebound team so that they can stay engaged and continue to progress with their learning.

In order to continue providing academic, social, and emotional supports for our new mothers, the following procedures must be followed by students on maternity leave:

  • Meet with the Homebound Teacher before your due date to review a tutoring plan and expectations while on maternity leave.
  • Call the Homebound Teacher or front office at the school to inform us of the birth of your child within 48 hours of birth.
  • Keep the Homebound Teacher updated on your current address and phone number while on maternity leave.
  • Keep in contact with Homebound Teacher each week via text, phone calls, or e-mail, as well as through weekly tutoring visits.
  • Complete online homework and classwork in a timely manner using your assigned computer, and continue to stay in contact with regular classroom teachers as needed. Students are responsible for keeping up with missed assignments while on maternity leave and while receiving homebound services.
  • Check Student Portal and Schoology on a weekly basis to monitor your grades and missing assignments.
  • If planning to use the school’s ECE Center, complete enrollment paperwork before returning from maternity leave so that ECE staff members are aware of your child’s start date.
  • Return to school after six weeks of maternity leave.

Questions about maternity leave or homebound services should be directed to Elizabeth Braxton at 720-423-7916.