ALL DPS Schools will Remain Closed to In-Person Classes for Remainder of School Year

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TODAS las escuelas de DPS permanecerán cerradas para las clases presenciales durante el resto del año escolar

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Florence Crittenton High School

Attendance Line 720-423-7901 *Main Line 720-423-7900 *Fax 720-423-7905 *ECE 720-423-8903

GED Program

Florence Crittenton High School now offers on-site GED classes to interested and qualified students. In order to obtain a GED, students must take courses and pass rigorous exams in the areas of English, math, science, and social studies. Some of our teen mothers may choose to work towards a GED instead of a traditional high school diploma for personal reasons that should be discussed with their families and with the Academic Counselor. A GED is an alternative to a traditional high school diploma, but still allows students the opportunity to attend college, begin a career, and even join the military.

Students must be 17 years old in order to qualify for enrollment in the GED program. Courses will be held in the morning, which allows students to participate in other courses or opportunities in the afternoons such as concurrent enrollment courses to receive college credits, CTE courses, work study, academic electives, and intervention classes to receive additional support.

In order to remain enrolled in the GED program, students must attend GED classes regularly, and cannot have more than 5 unexcused absences per quarter in these classes. If a student is withdrawn from the GED program due to attendance, she can re-register for the program at the beginning of the following quarter.

Students who believe the GED program would be a good fit for them should speak directly with the Academic Counselor, who can be reached at 720-423-7904.