WEDNESDAY 2/5/2020

10:00 start time schedule (51-minute classes; no Advisement)

Period 2:          10:00-10:51

Lunch:             10:54-11:39

Period 3:          11:42-12:33

Period 4:          12:36-1:27

Period 5:          1:30-2:21

Period 6:         2:24-3:15

Florence Crittenton High School

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Student & Family Support Program

The Student and Family Support Programs (SFSP) provides each Florence Crittenton mom the support she needs to be educated, prepared and empowered.  Our program supports and facilitates each mother’s development and growth as a parent, student, partner, and woman.

Through social emotional learning, assistance with navigating systems, social network strengthening, and health and parenting education, we guide mothers to rise above the challenges that young motherhood inevitably brings. We also celebrate the joy and accomplishment as Florence Crittenton mothers mature into productive and active members of our community!

The Student & Family Support Program (SFSP) provides the following support staff to students:

  • School Social Worker
  • School Psychologist
  • Parent Education Specialist
  • Art Therapist
  • Nurse
  • Family Advocates

Questions about the Student & Family Support Program should be directed to Desta Taye-Channell at 720-423-8915.