Florence Crittenton High School

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MyTech 1:1 technology

The MyTech program at Florence Crittenton is designed to give students access to online resources and learning both in the classroom and at home. As part of the program, every student is assigned a district-owned Chromebook.

The benefits of each student having access to a Chromebook include:

  • Students learning how to utilize technology, skills they need now and when they enter the workforce
  • Teachers having the ability to differentiate instruction for students based on need
  • Teacher engaging students in their learning in new and interesting ways
  • Students having regular access to their assignments online, including when they need to be miss school

Students and parents must sign a series of forms and agreements during school registration before a student is assigned a Chromebook. Some of these agreements include the following:

  1. The student will use the tool according to instructors’ guidance.
  2. Responsible use of network resources is the sole responsibility of the student and parent.
  3. The parent and student will be personally responsible for any intentional or unintentional damage to or loss of the computing device while in the student’s care – on or off of school property.
  4. The parent and student will return the device upon request in the same condition as it was received, taking into account normal wear and use.
  5. The device is property of Denver Public Schools as is any installed software. As such, the district can monitor its use remotely and any violations of Denver Public Schools’ policy can result in discipline in line with district policy.
  6. Students will keep the device clean and in proper working condition.
  7. Any text, imagery, or audio that is illegal according to local, state, or federal law (e.g., threats, hate speech, obscene or sexual images or text) will be immediately reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

The complete Student/Parent Agreement and Program Pledge will be provided and signed during registration. Questions about Chromebooks should be directed to Karl Bolter at 720-423-7906.