First day for ALL students August 21/2017

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Florence Crittenton High School

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Enrollment and Registration


*2016-2017 School Year*

Registration is open all school year.

Please see our quarter schedule:

Quarter 1     8/22/16 – 10/21/16

Quarter 2      10/24/16 – 01/13/16

Quarter 3     01/17/17 – 03/17/17

Quarter 4      03/20/17 – 06/02/17

Registration Check List for Mandatory Documents

These are the items needed for registration. They are very important items. Please bring original documents with you to registration.

  1. Proof of address: Most recent lease, public service or telephone bill. If the bill is not under the student’s parent or guardian’s name, you will need a letter from a person the bill is under. The letter must include the date, name, signature and phone number of person the bill is under, address, and names of the student and parents if applicable. Forms are available at the front desk if needed.
  2. Birth certificate: Student’s original birth certificate.
  3. Immunization Records: Student’s current immunization records.
  4. Transcripts from previous High School(s). Students will be enrolled according to credits earned. – It is mandatory for all new students to meet with the academic counselor prior to enrolling.
  5. Behavior report from previous High School – Mandatory for new students.

Please bring original documents, we will make copies and return your original documents. These Items are important for registration. Please take time to look for them and bring them with you to registration. If you do NOT have the documents needed you will NOT be able to register and will have to return with the documents required. If you have any question regarding any of the above items please contact the school as soon as possible.


Click here for Early Childhood Education Center Enrollment Checklist

If you have any questions about the ECE center please call: Carisma 720-423-8902 or Brooke 720-423-8903