First day for ALL students August 21/2017

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Florence Crittenton High School

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CSC Meeting


 Meeting Minutes

 PRESENT: Michelle Wright (principal), Suzanne Banning (FCS CEO-guest), Mike Melosh (teacher), Sheila Mahony (FCS Strategy & Evaluation Director-guest), Danelle Fifer (parent), Desta Taye-Channell (SFSP Director-community member)

ABSENT: Brittney Martinez (parent), Maria Alvarado (parent)

Regular meeting Times & Dates:

  • 4 PM for next meeting in December on a Tuesday or Wednesday – Michelle will send out invites
  • CSC meetings are public – anyone is allowed to attend including student leaders

 CSC Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Reviewed “Roles and Responsibilities” handout
  • Major responsibilities include budget, staffing, and Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) decisions, amongst others

Budget & Transportation

  • Cost of an additional bus is $55,000, and the school has adequate funds to purchase the bus
  • We will collect data on the effects of having increased transportation
  • Michelle will get pricing on maintenance of the bus and bus driver to communicate impact on budget
  • Consensus was reached to purchase the additiona school bus

 School Performance Framework for 2016 (SPF)

  • 2016 Scorecard
    • 2016 Overall rating is YELLOW (Accredited on Watch)
    • 2016 Status/Achievement is RED (Accredited on Probation)
    • 2016 Student Growth is RED (Accredited on Probation)
    • Post-Secondary Readiness is YELLOW (Accredited on Watch)
    • Student and Parent Engagement is YELLOW (Accredited on Watch)
    • Areas for Celebration: ACT scores (exceeded the state benchmarks) and Student/Parent Engagement
    • Areas for Growth: MAPs assessment scores, attendance growth, dropout rate/recovery, Adequate Yearly Credits, and continued student/parent engagement efforts
  • SPF Analysis
    • Analysis of SPF measures completed by school leaders in order to identify top priorities and areas for needed growth in 2016-2017 (areas for growth listed above)
    • Analysis gives a breakdown of current status within each measure, what we need to do in order to maintain our current SPF scores, and what we need to do to increase our current SPF scores
  • Unified Improvement Plan
    • UIP major improvement strategies directly aligned with identified areas for needed growth on the 2016 SPF
    • Michelle shared UIP monthly tracker with members, which shows action steps, monthly benchmarks, and if the school is on track or not each month